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Book Title: At the Root


Subtitle: My Journey to health and healing


Genre: Memoir, health

Best Book Award Finalist
Beverly Hills Finalist
Reader's Favorite - Five Stars
The Wishing Shelf 2017 Finalist

After the removal of her four wisdom teeth, Kimberly Miles began to suffer from unexplained health problems: recurring pneumonia, debilitating fatigue, brain fog, unexplained rashes, and swollen lymph nodes that would not go away. Over the next thirty years her doctors would diagnose Kim with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein-Barr virus, and even lymphoma, but they did not really know.

At The Root is Kim’s story of the necessity of believing and trusting in yourself. Kim relentlessly searched for answers and was successfully able to restore her health and well-being. Kim’s belief in her body’s ability to heal led to her decision to work with a remarkable biological dentist. Her revealing and intimate story portrays the overlooked and little understood importance that the mouth plays in over-all health and healing.

Kim explains her various dental procedures using easy-to-understand language. She makes the larger issues clear and compelling. Well-researched, Kim’s book will be thought provoking for both consumers and health practitioners. Before you go to the dentist, you will want to read this book.

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for At the Root
This book is packed full of critical information regarding the health of our mouths and our spiritual health as well. The mix in Kimberly’s story of both physical health and spiritual connection is wonderful.

Debra Beck

Author, Award winning Author and Mentor, My feet Aren’t Ugly: A Girl’s Guide to Loving Herself from the Inside Out

Kimberly shares her own inspiring story of the body’s ability to heal itself, and how self-love and perseverance helped her to reclaim her health and her life. At The Root will inspire anyone to be a powerful advocate for their own healing.

Sarah McLean

Author, The Power of Attention: Awaken to Love and Its Unlimited Potential with Meditation

At The Root highlights the problems that can occur when medical diagnoses miss the root cause. Kimberly’s book details her determination to find and resolve her health issues.

Miranda Esmonde-White

Author, Author of New York Times Bestseller, Aging Backwards: 10 Years Younger and 10 Years Lighter in 30 Minutes a Day

In the health sciences, books abound in reciting sterile anatomy, physiology, molecules and elements to the exclusion of the human element — the reality of what illness does to people and their families. “At The Root” is the real life story of the devastation of dental cavitation and one woman’s heroic journey to discover and overcome this life-altering, iatrogenic disease which anyone can unwittingly suffer at the hands of well-intentioned Science that fails to understand the holistic impact of bones, nerves and teeth on overall health. Here is a shining example of why modern dentistry must evolve, and why Biological Dentistry is the ethical future of Dentistry. Could cavitation be a “foci of infection” that is mysteriously undermining your health? Find out in “At The Root.”  

Jack Tips [Ph.D., C.C.N.]

Wellness Wiz

Sometimes in your quest for health, you end up having to do all the research yourself. Imagine being so sick and tired you can’t think. Now, imagine empowering yourself to learn all that you can to help yourself, because nobody else has answers. Kimberly immersed herself into a world of scary medical words that few people can even pronounce. She could have given up and accepted what she was being told by her doctors. Truth is, doctors do not have all the answers. All it took was one  brilliant doctor that thought outside the box. One doctor that did not write her off as crazy. One sentence that doctor uttered changed everything in her life. “Tell me about your teeth.”

Dentistry is more than just pretty white smiles. The sockets where teeth are removed, could be harboring hidden infections deep in the jawbone. Extraction sites and the bone around root canal teeth are common areas for these hidden infections. Even something as simple as a filling could impact your health. What is that filling made of? Is it 50% mercury?  Today we know that how teeth come together can cause headaches. We acknowledge the systemic links to cardiovascular disease and periodontal disease.

Kimberly takes you on her unique journey. Reading this will open your eyes to the toxic world of hidden dental infections. Kimberly had to learn what 99% of dentists do not learn in dental school. To make matters worse, there are only a handful of dentists that understand how to care for these bacteria filled, often necrotic (dead) areas in the jaw.

Is your mouth making you sick? What if you are giving up some of your health and don’t even know it? I applaud Kimberly for her willingness to share her story. She has done an excellent job of documenting what most dentists and doctors say does not exist. 

Dawn Ewing PhD

Doctor of Integrative Medicine, Executive Director, International Academy of Biological Dentistry and Medicine

At The Root: My journey to health and healing

Reviewed by Kimberly Luyckx for Reader Views (09/17)

From the minute I opened this book, I knew that it was going to make an impact on my life. “At The Root: My journey to health and healing” takes an in-depth look at one woman’s passage from pain and suffering to joy and restoration. Kimberly Miles’ memoir could be your story as it presents the difficulties associated with dealing with unexplained illnesses and the frustration in managing the symptoms they produce.

This account presents a wide spectrum of medical and natural health research over a period of nearly 30 years. During this extensive span of time, the author experiences a myriad of illnesses and diseases, ranging from persistent pneumonia to chronic lymph node swelling and memory loss. Her frustrating account has her dealing with symptoms that incapacitate her and affect her career, marriage and overall outlook on life.

After trying a multitude of doctors, diet changes and medicines, she is told, “it was likely that my health issues were all in my head.” Supported by anatomical figures and chronicled symptom charts and reports, Kimberly explains how she educates herself on ways to understand (in layman’s terms) what is happening to her body and how she can help.

Diagnoses of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lymphoma and Epstein Barr Virus champion her to search out lifestyle changes that might improve her health and alleviate stress. Although she receives intermittent periods of functioning health, she continues to encounter symptoms and finds that the worry involved depletes her energy sources even more. Refusing to “maintain this low standard of wellness,” she strives to discover the stressor that is responsible for keeping her body ill.

Finally, her search leads her to a doctor who associates her previous dental procedures with her general health issues. From there, she encounters a biological dentist who presents facts that, for the first time, ring true to her quest. What follows is a dramatic account of how chronic focal infection interferes with the whole body’s ability to heal.

I read this book voraciously realizing that many of my own symptoms, which typically come and go, could be attributed to some of the many dental procedures I have had over my lifetime. This memoir is in no way presented to evoke fear or scare you into never going to the dentist again. It is a genuine eye-opening biography written in true form to give the reader insight into how to take more responsibility for your wellness and to have the courage to work in conjunction with your providers to make the wisest choices when faced with health challenges. In the final analysis, it is the challenges that we are faced with that present the most opportunity for growth. In the words of Ann Allen, “boldly go into the great and vast unknown.” In this book, you will learn how and why these words stayed with the author throughout her ordeal and gave her the drive and determination to persist.

Even if you are not a medical person, you will be absorbed by the details in, “At The Root.” It is a great blend of science and art. Once digested, you will realize, like I did, that Kimberly Miles’ experiences prepare her for this tedious pilgrimage toward healing. Therefore, it is not just a tale of illness and struggle toward health. Kimberly’s experience and awareness along this 30-year long journey have culminated in a philosophical book that is truly remarkable and even magical.

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Meditation CD's

The Art of Letting Go CD

Kimberly Miles - CD Cover for Art of Letting Go

The Art of Letting Go is a 50-minute guided deep relaxation technique. Set to beautiful soothing Celtic harp improvisations, The Art of Letting Go provides you with an extraordinary tool to reduce stress and support positive life changes.  Release obstacles, patterns, and beliefs that prevent your achievement of success and well-being. As the body relaxes, the mind will relax and facilitate emotional release, resulting in greater insight, clarity and focus. The Art of Letting Go is the ultimate exploration of your resilience.

  • Reduce stress
  • Achieve clarity and peace of mind
  • Gain a new perspective
  • Enhance your energy level


Art Letting Go (cd) by Kimberly Miles

The Art of Letting Go Overview - Sample Track 01

by Kimberly Miles | The Art of Letting Go

The Art of Letting Go Technique - Sample Track 02

by Kimberly Miles | The Art of Letting Go

Relaxation CD

Kimberly Miles - Relaxation - CD Cover

This 35-minute CD, Relaxation, is a profound guided stress reduction technique that does not rely on complicated visualizations. Set to soothing Celtic harp improvisations, you will experience both physical and mental relaxation. Enhance and improve your ability to let go of stress.  Allow greater vitality, creativity, happiness and abundance into your daily life.

  • Reduce stress
  • Enhance over-all health and well-being
  • Restore balance
  • Improve focus and awareness


Relaxation (cd) by Kimberly Miles

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3 Easy Ways Your Mouth Can Help You Reduce Stress

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